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Here is a variety of quality products to choose from from Azer Engineering
Importers in the field of computer and communication equipment


The company has been in the computer industry and the first importers in the country for 32 years in the hardware field and we specialize in providing a comprehensive solution in the field of computing and communication equipment. Representatives of several software companies such as Software think-cell Representatives of hardware companies such as TARGUS FAN DYNATRON TEAC DATARAM We have products in the field of components – processors, memories, HDDs, video cards, various expansion cards, etc., computer peripherals, mouse keyboards, printers, Cameras, etc., and communications equipment ranging from network cables, IP telephony from all top brands, Cisco products to servers of all kinds.

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We work with the leading companies in the market

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We make sure to accurately understand the needs of the customer and the solution and service required


We provide service only by an expert and only then do we become excellent for your business.


We always take care to provide a quick response to our customers because we believe that service and availability are above all.

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We have built our reputation for attention to detail and our loyal service to our customers.

Suppliers of the Ministry of Defense

We are registered as suppliers of the Ministry of Defense and we are recognized by the Ministry Committee for approval.

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Our company has the ability to supply a wide and large range of products.

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