אזר הנדסה, אנחנו חברה הקיימת כבר 32 שנה בענף המחשבים

About Azar Electronics

The company has been in existence for 32 years in the computer industry and one of the first importers in the country in the field of hardware and we specialize in providing a comprehensive solution in the field of computer equipment and communications. Representatives of several software companies such as Software think-cell Representatives of hardware companies such as TARGUS FAN DYNATRON TEAC DATARAM We have products in the field of components – processors, memories, HDDs, video cards, various expansion cards, etc., computer peripherals, mouse keyboards, printers, Cameras, etc., and communication equipment ranging from network cables, IP telephony from all leading brands, Cisco products to servers of all kinds. Our uniqueness is that we keep in stock over 3000 types of items available at all times and therefore our delivery times and response to significantly short requests. Among our customers are companies such as: Tel Aviv University, the Ministry of Defense, IAI, insurance companies and many other large companies in the economy.

Our advantages

Azar Electronics offers a variety of advanced computing services for businesses and companies

Services throughout the country

Product selection service

High quality equipment only

Work 7 days a week

Computing services

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Computing services

Our company provides comprehensive hardware services

Years of experience

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Hardware Services

Our company provides comprehensive hardware services

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