Matrox TripleHead2Go Analog Edition T2G-A3A-AJF

Run two or three monitors from your laptop or desktop computer.
Supports a maximum resolution of 3840×1024 (3x 1280×1024) across three monitors; displays attached to TripleHead2Go must run at the same resolution.
Supports a maximum resolution of 3360×1050 (2x 1680×1050) across two monitors; displays attached to TripleHead2Go must run at the same resolution 1 Works with VGA displays and projectors.
Uses your system’s existing GPU to deliver a stable platform for office, 3D design, and multimedia applications
Experience Surround Gaming by expanding supported 3D games across three monitors; achieve a much wider in-game field of view
Quick and easy to install; there’s no need to open the computer case or insert components
Spans taskbar across monitors for easy access to all your open applications
Includes Matrox PowerDesk software to easily manage your desktop configuration
External device that won’t void your system warranty
PC and Mac compatible
Maximum VGA Resolution:3840×1024(3x 1280×1024)
Input connectors (How the GXM connects to the system) 1 VGA input
Output connectors (How the GXM connects to the monitors) 3 VGA outputs.
Power (5VDC, 2A)
Dimensions 3.8″ x 4.2″ x 0.94″(9.6cm x 10.7cm x 2.4cm)
Surround Gaming Yes Hardware included: One 2-foot HD-15-to-HD15 (analog) monitor cableOne 2-foot DVI-I to VGA cable
External 5VDC power adapter
Region-specific cable(s)
Software CD System Requirements:Single VGA output connector, on a compatible systemDisplay Driver supporting 1920×480, 2400×600, 3072×768 or 3840×1024 resolution


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